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Aesthetic Medicine

Aesthetic medicine encompasses a variety of advanced treatments designed to enhance your natural beauty, rejuvenate your skin, and restore youthful vitality. Our clinic offers a range of cutting-edge services tailored to meet your individual needs and desires.

At our clinic, our experienced medical professionals prioritize safety, comfort, and natural-looking results. Whether you're seeking to diminish signs of aging, improve skin texture, or enhance your overall appearance, we're dedicated to helping you achieve your aesthetic goals with personalized care and expertise.

Micro Needling with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

Microneedling creates tiny punctures in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, promoting skin renewal and improving texture. When combined with PRP, derived from your own blood, it enhances the healing process and boosts the rejuvenating effects for smoother, brighter skin.

Derma Blading with PRP

Also known as dermaplaning, this gentle exfoliation technique removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz from the surface of the skin, revealing a smoother and more even complexion. It enhances the effectiveness of skincare products and makeup application, resulting in a flawless finish.

Oxygeneo: Tri Phase Facial Treatment

This innovative facial treatment exfoliates, oxygenates, and infuses the skin with nourishing serums simultaneously. It provides deep cleansing, hydration, and rejuvenation, leaving your skin radiant and revitalized with a youthful glow.

Dysport and Botox

These injectable treatments effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily relaxing facial muscles. They provide a smooth and youthful complexion without the need for invasive procedures.

Lip Rejuvenation

Our Lip Rejuvenation treatments are tailored to enhance the natural beauty and fullness of your lips. Using advanced techniques and carefully selected dermal fillers, we can add volume, definition, and hydration to your lips, creating a plump and youthful appearance. Whether you desire subtle enhancement or more dramatic results, our skilled practitioners will customize a treatment plan to complement your facial features and achieve your desired aesthetic goals. With Lip Rejuvenation, you can enjoy fuller, smoother, and more luscious lips that enhance your overall facial harmony and confidence.

PDO Threads Treatment

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are used to lift and tighten sagging skin, particularly in areas such as the cheeks, jawline, and neck. This non-surgical procedure stimulates collagen production, resulting in firmer and more defined facial contours.

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