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Aesthetic Medicine

Collagen in your skin, which is essential in maintaining youthful glow declines naturally with age. MicroNeedling stimulates the fibroblasts and keratinocytes to produce your own collagen. Growth Factors present in the platelets amplifies the effect of MicroNeedling to produce collagen in your skin - thus MicroNeedling with PRP is effective in rejuvenating your skin. Microneedling with PRP corrects the skin conditions due to lack of collagen, such as skin sagging, wrinkling, large pores. It also helps decreasing pigmentation related to aging, thus making your skin tone clear and rejuvenated.

Threading with PDO threads promotes collagen formation and effects an effective lift of the skin.


Most prominent benefit of micro-needling is the formation of collagen. It is believed to be due to stimulation of fibroblast that  produces collagen; collagen loss is responsible for wrinkling, enlargement of pores. As a result, micro-needling results in significant improvement of wrinkles and diminution of pore size.

Micro-needling decreases scars (example acne scars) from complex mechanisms due primarily to degradation of tissues that form the scars.

Micro-needling results in improvement of hyperpigmentation attributed to the expression of MMPs (matrix-metallo-proteincases); skin tone becomes even.

Micro-needling especially with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) results in facial rejuvenation. 

Facial Rejuvenation:
DO (Polydioxone Threads)

Insertion of PDO threads into the skin has been shown to be a useful modality in skin rejuvenation. PDO thread insertion is an effective non-invasive face-lift.

Microscopic studies of skin after PDO thread insertion revealed reaction in the form of lymphocyte infiltration, collagen deposition and fibrosis, which may explain the tightening effect of the skin, resulting in skin rejuvenation.


PDO threading skin insertion is minimally invasive, quick procedure and can be done
at an outpatient clinic.

Smiling Woman
Oxygeneo Deep Facial Treament
Exfoliates, Regenerates Collagen and Hydrates the Skin

Skin constantly regenerates as basal epidermal cells differentiates and move toward the superficial layer of the skin called stratum corneum, essentially consisting of dead cells; resulting in unwanted rough texture of the skin. 


Application of chemical peels results in exfoliation by enhancing breakdown and decreasing cohesiveness of corneosome.

Chemical peel enhances facial rejuvenation in many different ways.

Chemical peel has essentially no downtime; quick application and proven modality for maintenance of healthy, youthful skin.

Hyaluronic Acid Intradermal Fillers
Skin Rejuvenation
Lip Rejuvenation using Lip Fillers -  Hyaluronic Acid
Man Getting Botox

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is well accepted modality in facial rejuvenation. Not only does Hyaluronic Acid intradermal filler results in soft tissue augmentation, it also
improves of skin hydration, collagen and elastin stimulation.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) intradermal fillers dramatically improves facial features needing rejuvenation; skin tightness and elasticity of areas of the face such as cheekbone area, naso-labial folds, tear trough are some of the areas usually treated for facial rejuvenation.

As we mature, wrinkles develop due to interaction of changes leading to lack of
elasticity of the tissues. Botulinom toxin (available in different forms such as Botox
and Dysport ) is available to relax the muscle at the area of wrinkling.

Botulinom toxin is administered in minute doses, proven to be safe in the application of facial rejuvenation; wrinkle lines become soften.

Lip rejuvenation with the use of LIP FILLERS - Hyaluronic Acid Fillers... as you mature in age, the volume of your lips diminish which makes the lip border follow the law of gravity.

We use the latest technique for you to achieve a natural looking youthful lips.

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