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Metabolic Syndrome, a high risk for Cardiovascular Event: Heart Attack and Stroke

Updated: Jan 19

In itself, chronic diseases such as Diabetes, HTN, Dyslipidemia: low HDL ( good Cholesterol), high Triglycerides and abdominal visceral obesity, elevated uric acid are independently risk factors for cardiovascular event, such as Heart attack and Stroke.

Metabolic Syndrome which is a diagnosis made when 3 of 5 metabolic disorders are present:

elevated fasting glucose > 100

BP > 130/80,

elevated Triglyceride > 150

abdominal girth for men > 40 inches, for women > 35 inches,

low HDL ) good cholesterol < 40 for men, < 50 or women

makes you more at risk for cardiovascular event.

The common denominator is Insulin Resistance.

The treatment is healthy lifestyle: Regular exercise, Low carbohydrate diet/ High Fat/ moderate Protein. To cap the whole treatment: Meditation ( Guided breathing and Unconditional Love Meditation - especially the Passion of Christ) to resent your Sympathetic overtone.

Metabolic markers are available to detect early signs of metabolic disorder.

Metabolic Disorder is our passion; call us explore better metabolic health and cardiovascular health.

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